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We offer Premium and classic kind of ice cream as well as vegan and gluten, sugar and milk free ice cream. In the production we use only top quality and natural ingredients like vanilla coming from Madagascar, pistachio Kerman from Iran, coconut from the Philippines and many other. Ice cream is creamy and full of flavor. We are particularly proud at the premium type. We particularly emphasize the premium type of ice cream, the ice cream is creamy, full of flavor and are used only with premium ingredients, Vanilla coming from Madagascar, Permanent Kerman from Iran, coconut from the Philippines and many other top quality raw materials.
Place is decorated in a combination of retro and modern style. Detailed decorated ice creams invites you for a taste. With classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla, here we welcome you with different, unexpected tastes. The combination of chocolate and mint, crostata and orange cheesecake, salty peanuts is something new in the ice cream offer, and certainly worth to try.
Friendy stuff is waiting for you, welcome and enjoy!

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Crostata and Orange Cheesecake

Bob Rock's Ice Cream shop Zadar

Bob Rock's Ice Cream shop is open in Zadar Croatia on a peninsula in the old tourist part of town

Bob Rock's Ice Cream shop best in Zadar

Try classic and new ice cream combinations in Zadar with our staff suggestions

Vegan ice cream in the form of sorbet based on virgin olive oil and for now comes in the flavor of strawberry and manga